Saturday, March 28, 2009

Climbing in Frey hut area, Cerro Catedral

Here a interesting link about Steve House comments
about rock climbing in Frey near Bariloche, Argentina

Pls, click the link:

Mountain fun is not always big mountain, light & fast! :-)
A little bit of everything...

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Nice testimonial from a Legend!

Brian Moorhead was our client in December,
He is over 65 years old and he still "rocking" as a teenager,
was very impressive his possitive attitude and climbing skills.
Brian, was a climbing pioneer in Ireland and Canada ...

This is a Testimonial on behalf of Jorge Kozulj of Andescross –Mountain Guiding Patagonia.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jorge in December 2008. My wife and I were in

Bariloche, on holiday in Argentina. Jorge had been recommended to us by a

climbing friend back home in Canada. I was able to contact him by phone and we worked

out a rendez-vous at the Refugio Frey for a day’s climbing on the rock. His knowledge of

the area and the realistic time needed to complete various options, made it easy for me to

reach a decision. What followed was one of the best days in the mountains that I have

experienced over a lifetime in the sport.

Jorge has excellent personal skills and appreciation of my climbing abilities. Our day was

more like two climbers well matched on our multi-pitch routes. At all times I felt

comfortable and secure. We genuinely enjoyed each others company and discussed many

issues common in the mountaineering world. We were blessed with a dazzling spring day

and were close enough to the Refugio to break for lunch between routes.

At the end of the day, tired and happy we descended to the valley where Jorge very

Kindly drove us back to our accommodation in Bariloche.

Brian Moorhead , Irish - Canadian legend of Squamish, Canada,

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Trekking across Northern Patagonian ridges

This summer has been great with lots of
different adventures in Argentina.
Our Mountain guides were busy with fun treks and climbs throughout
the Andes; between Southern Patagonia and the Lake Districts.

During mid-February we did a nice trip with 5 friends from New York
crossing glaciers, ridges, and lakes.
Nick, one of the participants, put together a wonderful collection of 96 proffessional pictures.
We invite you to explore and enjoy the full show...
Please, click link below or above to look at them: