Sunday, April 27, 2008

Flying with Condors

My friend - colleague Mt guide Mauricio Cadillo flying with Condors
in Mt Tronador, Patagonia, Argentina

Friday, April 11, 2008

Now...waiting for snow..

Summer is gone, Autum is beggining.... leaves are falling, but we can not wait to ski
Last year we went to Alaska in April, so winter was long enough ...
This year our patience to see snow will grow!!
Pls email us for any information of Alpine Ski touring- Backcountry skiing- Outbound skiing in Chile- Argentina, Patagonia

Piedra Parada , a lost canyon in Patagonia...

Ojos del Buddha, LaBuitrera

Ending the day after lots of climbing!

Heading for a day of climbing...

La Buitrera, Canyon, Patagonia

Piedra Parada and La Buitrera near esquel are one of the highlights of sport climbing in Northern Patagonia.

Maybe , Esquel is the Southern limit of Patagonia, where starts the roaring 40ºss...

A sport climbing dream in Patagonia, Argentina...

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Feb- April... what was happening!

Hello, always curious to see if somebody reads our blog or not,
but any way we update it once in a while to show little bit about
what is going on with, so this way our new and old guests can follow up some adventures.
This Feb- March were incredible warm and hot, so was not easy to seat in front computer to update blog
February - March were great for climbing.
We climbed in Frey with Dave, a friend from a little town near Aspen, CO called Carbondale,
in VAlle Encantado. We went to Piedra Parada near Esquel, Patagonia.
My partner Walter taught some mountaineering courses, how to rock climb multipitch, how to do Glacier rescue and few other things to be safe in the mountains.
Also, did some "Hut to Hut mountain Trek over the Northern Patagonian Andes" and other treks over the Northern Patagonian ridges...
Maybe too many words... enjoy the pics below better than words!

First morning of a 5 day trekking in Northern Patagonia, Argentina

Carley family from Maine having dinner in a classic hut in Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina

Fifth day of our trek towards Mt Tronador, Patagonia, Argentina

Walter from teaching Glacier rescue technique,
inside a crevasse in Mt Tronador

More glacier rescue...