Thursday, October 22, 2009

More media for Ski trip to Crater of Volcan Puyehue

Here Chris Rubbens blog with all the info and story
about our great trip to the Crater....

The story begins with a trip that Rocky Mountain Sherpas director, Dave Mossop took ten years ago. He visited the Volcano of Puyehue in his travels of South America, at first sight he realized that the crater of this volcano would be perfect for skiing. Ten years later he pitched the idea of bringing a crew down to Chile and conquering this mighty volcano. Lucky for me he pitched the idea to Douglas and viola we were going to Chile to film a Salomon freeski tv episode and start filming for the Sherpas new film project.

The crew was the dream crew, Mark Abma- Male ski model and one of the best skiers on the planet, Eric Hjorleifson- the person you want on every trip you ever go on, modern day Macgyver, Dave Mossop- Director and visionary of this project, Malcolm Sangster- Photographer and the one responsible for all the logistics (not much just go to Chile, climb a volcano with a film crew), Nate Nash- HD filmer, a veteran of hardcore trips in the wild, Jorge Kozulj- Our fearless guide, never a dull moment with his enthusiasm for skiing and life, Nico- Our other guide, cook and spiritual leader, one of the most amazing human beings I have ever met, and myself Chris Rubens- I just felt privileged to be on such an all star trip.

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