Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hi everybody July-Aug 2010

Hello everybody,
not much time to updated blog lately due guiding season, I think to get updates, please,
check the lower right corner and-or get into
our facebook page where we post updates more often (short and easier)

In general , the main things that happen so far were-
- Skied with Greg Hill, who have to do 2.000.000 vertical feet in a year, we explored Cerro Padre Laguna, that was skied before by Shannie and Jamie Schectman and then us (never heard of other descents), will post some pics below...

- Helped Mark Abma and the SASS crew to go and buy materials to build a mini-Biodiesel factory, so we will do it at home and Andescross soon! Excited by this project, seems easy and healthy

Mark Abma working hard...

- and another very nice thing is that we got and article about Skiing Crater of Volcan Puyehue in 2009 with Eric Hjorleifson, Chris Rubens, Mark Abma and the (Dave, Malcolm, Nate Nash)
check pics....!/album.php?aid=196421&id=76867224795&ref=mf

Thank you to all of you .... Going skiing!!!!!!!