Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mira nuestro articulo del Cerro San lorenzo en la Revista Aventura de Argentina, Oct 06!
If you are travelling around Argentina check our article in REvista Aventura (Aventura Mag. Oct 06)

Last powder of 06 Southern Chile

Finishing our ski season we headed close to the Northern Patagonian Ice cap, close to Cerro Castillo in Southern Chile. We found excellent chutes and open bowls, good corn and some days we got powder too! Even if was beggining of October!
Still some snow in the mountains , spring feeling!... Good bye winter 06 in the Southern Hemisphere !

Jorge Kozulj, skiing some corn in Cerro Castillo area .
Photo : Cedric

SKi touring in the Andes

cracker cornise, typical crusty ridge in Cerro Castillo area Cerro Castillo....
Finally skiing after storm brake...

Monday, October 02, 2006

Photo above, Van Titter Valley, Bariloche, Patagonia , Argentina.
Check the picture on middle-right there is a red line marking last ski descend on decent corn snow

Even if looks like in late Sept. season is almost over we still having good corn snow to ski.
Finally, this last weekend having a little gap in between trip and trip , I head out to Frey hut, behind Cerro Catedral and did 3 ski lines that were in my mind for a month.

The red line marked on the pictures are the ski line that I descent!
The green line is the project that I would like to ski when I´ll come back from down south after ski expedition trip

Check out red line on the left of the picture, this was nice , descend last weekend