Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Skiing the only 2 good weather days in a month...

UIAGM Mt guides of Bariloche, Argentina
guiding together in Cerro Lopez
Nico de la Cruz and Jorge Kozulj in a perfect day
Does not get any better!!
Friendship, sun and powder in the Andes...
The ragazzis, George Wilson, Tom after skiing all day inthe backcountry of Bariloche...
Weather still bad, but gladly this did not stop them!!

Rebbeca broke the snow bridge... anyways..

Thursday, August 14, 2008

When the weather is bad....

One of the good things about Skiing in Bariloche, Argentina is that when the weather is bad, avalanche conditions are not good, the alpine is covered in clouds and whiteout does not allow us to ski with comfort,
Is that we always have the beautiful option of skiing the lenga forest.
There are 5 great daily ski touring trips to do right out from town
and freeride the spaced lenga forest.
Don´t go to low because you will hit "colihue" (our local bamboo...!)
Tom skiing in between lenga trees after a big storm in Bariloche

Once more the guide breaking trail....
Guide, Probably in shape by now!!
Skinning up in a total stormy day. We hit one of the best days here in Cerro Lopez