Friday, March 04, 2011

What we did this summer 2011! (dec-march)

This summer have been fun with lots of variety here in the Lake
Districts of Northern Patagonia, Argentina and Southern Patagonia, so just now that season slowed down I had some time to post a little update of the guided trips we did in late 2010 and early 2011!

We finished ski mountaineering trips in late October and started the guided summer in December ,
with few guided trips to Frey area Rock Climbing some golden beautiful spires, chickenheads, good friction and good hand jams with Tim from Germany and Clare from England!
Guys send me pics! I didn't take any!

Then later on in between Christmas and New Year season got very busy and everything happen!
Many Trek trips in Nahuel Huapi National Park with friends from the UK, Russia and California, USA.

This day was too hot,we camped above treeline to avoid horseflies ...!

Also, we had few bike trips in Chile from Bariloche to Pucon crossing the Andes with Sarah and Amira from UK, guided by my good friend German, one of the best Mountain Bike Guides in Bariloche

Personally, I went to Southern Patagonia and did a Patagonian Ice cap traverse with good weather enjoying the views of Cerro Torre and Fitz Roy with my friends: Schenck family from Evergreen, Colorado.

Cleve, Nancy and Amy back in the distance heading south to get out of the Patagonian Icefield.
I went a bit ahead to take this picture!

February, Damian Benegas (Hiper and fun North Face athlete- Patagonian Brothers- I think he leads the most fun trips in Everest) hire me to help him with the training course for his two clients Leo Mc Lean and Miguel that are going to Everest again at end of March
Leo tried last year, but for some personal issues had to quit, 2011 hopefully he is going to get his 7th Summit- Everest!

Damian at home...(he sleeps as a bat hanging from there)

Miguel, Damian, Leo in Cerro Tronador

March some guided day trips (bike tours and rock climbs) in Bariloche are completing our calendar.
You can tell the sun is not as strong as 2 weeks ago and slowly the fall is going to start to show up!!

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Thanks for reading, Jorge Kozulj