Monday, March 19, 2007

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More pictures from the last trip...

Sharing some pictures with Gerry and Dave in the Slovenian hut

Something warm in the mountains, makes life nicer...

Captain at the top and the full team after crossing the lake back home!

March 2007- Connecticut friends hiked the whole area

During this last 15 days we had 2 cool trips going on, both of them from friends from Connecticut who already visited us in March 2006 and 2002 respectivly.
First one, Ron and Sue (brother and sister) and the young spirits of Gerry and Dave (68) did an entire crossing from The Pacific Ocean to Argentina , through the Andes, trying to Climb Vn Osorno (2800 mts), navigating lakes, riding horses, living with Gauchos... a crazy adventure of once in a life time...
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Second, Nan, David and Daniel, who just live 6 miles from DAve and Gerry did part of the Mt hut trek traverse, and Daniel (their son) and I climbed some pitches in the granite spires of Frey hut area...
From left to right.. Jorges (porter -Guide), David, Nan and "grasshoper" Daniel

"Laticrete" in Tronador, David and Daniel on the glaciers of Tronador

Weather did not help at all, but experience and adventure was cool.... Patagonia is Patagonia, even if here is Northern Patagonia the weather still unpredictable...

Sue and her endless smiling

Dave and Gerry (68) or 28!! ... Restless

Dave rappelling... remember he is 68!!

Sunrise in the Northern Patagonian Andes

Across the 4 Mt huts - January 2007

This are some pictures from the trip that Les and Kim from Quebec, Canada did in late January 2007....
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Les says....
Hola amigos…
Estamos en Canada. Bueno. Es todo mi espanol.

We’re trying to adjust to normal working life…. And 35 cm of snow we had yesterday. Luckily, the cross country skiing was pretty good today!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Nick (Telluride, CO) and me climbed Arg peak once more this summer!

"Filo de la Vieja"... 4 more climbers that headed to the peak,
later in the day... one italian and 3 argentiniens
Arg Peak SW face
Beautiful sunrise... just like beeing in the mountains...