Sunday, December 27, 2009

Jakob hut, one of the beauties of Northern Patagonia

We had 2 excellent days trekking to a little hut near Bariloche, Northern Patagonia with
Maggie and Rebbeca from Boulder, CO...
Also came Chugach, our good buddy and Sarah...
We were surprised for the amount of snow that stills left in the mountains,
a bit of new snow also!!

Chugach, as happy as can be on the snow!

Sarah enjoying the fresh air of the mountains of Bariloche
Cordon de los Inocentes, classic alpine cirque in Jakob mountain hut area
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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Below vn Villarica

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Bike trip Arg- Chile... Canada Rocks!!

We just finished amazing bike trip across the Andes, biking near
Pucon and Volcan Villarica.... hot springs, gravel roads, ferry cruising
This guys from Calgary are over 60-s and they rock!
8 days of pure pleasure!!

Sarah´s preparing home made lunch, homemade humus, brownies and all kind
of delicities

Mc Dermid having a nap after biking close to the Chilean border...

Ferry crossing in Lago Pirehuico....

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