Monday, March 05, 2012

Norway Lyngen Alps

During and after Christmas time in Argentina we did some guided biking trips,
some nice long treks in the mountains of Northern Patagonia near Bariloche. Also,
some rock climbing safety and glacier crevasse training/ courses at mid January around Refugio Frey and Monte Tronador

Late February we went for a week of ski touring to the Lyngen Alps in Northern Norway, sailing and skiing out of a beautiful wooden sailing boat, experiencing the northern fisherman villages . Skiing near paralell 70 north above Artic Polar circle, was kind of early season and the short days and sunsets made the experience amazing! Norwegian culture is wild amazing similar to Patagonia!

Sailing towards Lyngen Alps from Tromso

Right after breakfast, heading out from the boat to ski in freshies!

Simon taking the liners, to dry them up in the engine room!

Matteo. rip IT UP!