Sunday, August 05, 2012

Skiing the backcountry of Northern Patagonia with Seth Morrison

Finally mid July,  I returned from the beautiful Alps and Chamonix overcrowded scene,  that  have been very nice, but I didnt know how much I  enjoy the loneliness in the Patagonian mountains where you hardly see anybody, any tracks... Only condors, few locals and once in a while maybe an airplane that flies high , high to show lakes and mountains to the visitors. Guiding in Argentina is amazing!

Anyway, since arrived to Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina barely slept at home, for the last 2 weeks I have been ski guiding in Frey hut backcountry and surroundings of Bariloche with excellent guys, enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers! Thank you!

At first Daniel with his girlfriend Sarah and Heather came to visit, all of them from Boulder, Colorado, so we never stop talking about El dorado canyon and the nice climbs around there.

We got one night of a nice storm and next day we ski three amazing couloirs, all of them with 30 cm of  new fresh snow.

Right after that, next day , after guiding for the entire week showed up the Oakley team and Seth Morrison to do a gear test movie to try their new clothing products.
So 11 guys from Oakley went to Frey hut with me, we departed with 60 km winds, and later up in the ridge some gust for sure passed the 100 km/h wind speed, some hard work there and then gladly next day was beautiful and sunny, so we hiked and skied to do some wor  and spend few days  getting good film and photography here in the Northern Patagonian Andes.

Oakley team working! 

When I got home watched An Ordinary Skier, an story about Seth Morrison life and  made me happy that some of the footage was made here in Bariloche, Argentina

Then few days of rest, and another week ski guiding in my backyard.
Conditions are very good to do some steep couloirs in many face aspect now, but  anyway have not been snowing a lot.
Next week we expect a good storm....

In few days more we are heading to Volcan Puyehue to ski around there after a year of human inactivity  due the recent eruption of this volcano in June 4th , 2011... tell you more later!