Sunday, December 02, 2012

A Patagonian Mountain adventure update from August to November 2012

Today, after 4 months of continuous mountain and ski guiding trips in the Andes, finally I can seat down in a beautiful Patagonia rainy day, drops bounce on the roof and seems that can collapse, but will not!! Well anyway,

 Can be anywhere, but is the backcountry of Northern Patagonia and Lake Districts!

August was a month of multiday hut to hut ski trips, up to Frey hut, few days there , back to town, pack again and back up to the mountains. For sure, more days in the mountains than at home.. (be carefull for what you ask!!) . The long hut to hut Patagonian trip didnt work that much this year due lack of snow, but conditions , even with just enough snow were great above treeline...

Ski touring is an esthetic sport!
Marcos in the Backcountry of Cerro Catedral, Bariloche, Argentina!
One of the classics of Bariloche, Argentina

We had the opportunity to work with the guys of Powder Magazine in late August and help Grant Gunderson, KC Deane and Michelle Parker to shoot some pictures for an article. You will see it soon!

Granite and Snow, I think heaven is a bit like that!
Then, by end of August drove down south to ski near Fitz Roy massif, the town of El Chalten was empty with just 2 restaurants open and 2 lodging places. The real thing, the ghost town, the feeling of huge loneliness and vast spaces sink deep and make us appreciate how little we are!
We had a wonderful week there.

Later on September- October was a month of skiing volcanoes in Chile, and in this trip we were lucky with weather. Not every year we can summit all as planned, but this year we did it:
Casablanca, Puyehue, Osorno, Villarica, Llaima and Lonquimay, in all of them we stand up and had a 360 degrees view of the Andes.
Well, I think in Villarica we had few clouds.
Congratulations to the team of Llaima, because we did 1900 mts in only 4 hours and 20 min, this is a good achieve for 50/60 year old dudes!
Ricardo, il italiani con piu motivazzioni dil mondo
(bad Italian... I know) 
Volcan Lonquimay, the jewel of Chile
Then, we had few trips to Tronador, I didnt guide them, but both were successful because of my good friends guides Craig and Pablo.

Mt Tronador, we do it through the back side, no people, no bullshit!! :)
Then, November we did a 3 week trip with 3 amazing human beings, Duncan , Camilla and Sarah, also weather was much better than expected so we had a week in the Ice cap summitting Gorra Blanca and then Cerro Vespignani, drove along road 40 and summit Tronador in a quick 2 day trip

rockn rolling!
View from the Patagonian Ice cap towards North, Lago San Martin/ O'higgings, Glaciar Chico
Views of the Patagonian Ice cap!
Cerro Pollone, Piergiorgio and Cerro Torre!

Now hope we have some time off to go climbing a bit, then we will have a busy season in Iceland and Norway skiing for most of March and April 2013!

Thanks to all my clientele friends that I enjoy them as a family, Thanks to First Ascent- Eddie Bauer for helping out with gear for Andescross!
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