Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Skiing Film Work

In September 2009 we worked with Rocky Mountain Sherpas and Nate Nash (cameraman for Matchstick Production for 10 + years).
We had a total blast organizing logistic, guiding, helping in filming and skiing the Crater of Volcan Puyehue in Chile with World class Ski athletes from Salomon, Helly Hansen and 4frnt Skis: Mark Abma, Eric Hjorleifson and Chris Rubens.
They took footage to create an enviromental film and a tv show for Salomon Freeski TV.
R. M Sherpas are the producers of THE FINE LINE; an amazing educational film about Avalanche awareness that Powder Magazine describes as:

"A combination of top flight ski footage and avalanche awareness, The Fine Line is ski porn with a public service message. Featuring the best skiers in the world, dramatic avalanche footage, solid editing and good information that all skiers should be aware of, The Fine Line keeps viewers entertained while educating them." -Powder Mag

Here some pics and story to tell....

Mark Abma, Eric Hjorleifson and Chris Rubens first day in a farm in Chile, where we spend many days of bad weather...

Little tree skiing on down days in the frontier between Argentina and Chile

Don Renato and Don Flavio, organized the Gaucho team to bring all our loads, camara gear up to the hut, which is right at the treeline, we used 17 horses in between loads and crew members

Eric Hjorleifson doing his first run on 2nd day.
The R M Sherpas shooting some action

Eric, Mark and Chris scoping their lines into the Crater

The reason why we ski probably....

The reason why we ski probably....

Mark, Eric and Chris on their last boot pack of the day trying to get out of the crater!!

You can see some dots on far right and far left of the ridge, they are the
camara crew in position ....
The aspect that you see on this picture is North aspect into the Crater!!

You can see the inner of the Crater full of snow.
Nate Nash, Mark and Eric on the ridge looking at some lines

Click below for Eric´s comments

I want to send special thanks to:
-Mother Nature for teaching us everyday the goods and teach us how to live simple and trust in Life
- My friend Nico Benedetti, always there, positive ready to bring good energy
- Malcolm and Dave, from www.rockymountainsherpas.com and their best friend Escudo and Gato
- Nate Nash and the inspiration of ¨jingle bell¨
- The Athletes Mark Abma, Chris Rubens and Eric Hjorleifson