Sunday, September 16, 2007

Same trip as below...some more pics!

Las Leñas, amazing terrain!

The main summit at the back is Cerro Entre Rios, we skied the big bowl
and one of the chutes at right, straight down below from the summit

Kellie with her endless smile after ripping a chute in El Collar, Las Leñas

Another boot back in Las Leñas...
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Ski trip to Ref Frey- Vn Lanin - Cerro Bayo

We had ripping times with Adam, Travis and their wives Kellie and Donni
from Wenatchee and Seattle,
we spent 4 days in Frey hut, 2 days in Cerro Bayo and went to Vn Lanin...
We got powder, corn snow and endless laughs ...
Also, we hit Las Leñas for 5 days... as fun as could have been!

Donni Vogs, from Vogs Filmation ripping in Frey hut area

Jorge, the guide skiing powder in Cerro Bayo
Adam skiing with style the culouir that you will see below

Donni Vogs doing always!

Travis tracks in Vecinal Central chute in Frey area