Sunday, March 21, 2010

New ski trip for 2010- Skiing at the End of the World!

Skiing at the End of the World, The Island Of Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia, Argentina
4- 10 July 2010
9-15 August 2010
18-25 September 2010
End of the season date October 16- 21 2010
Custom trips available as well, email us @

The skiing in Ushuaia is amazing!
Ushuaia,Tierra del Fuego reminds some of Alaska. Both are extreme in latitude and steeps!
Meet the steeps at the Southern End of the World – Easy access to couloirs/chutes, glacier terrain, and beautiful mountain summits. The Andes of this area are rugged mountains that have a dramatic sharpness right into the ocean.
The Land of Fire is a paradise for ski mountaineering. The area also offers mellow bowls and options for all levels of ski experience. It is also possible to do multi-day trips in the backcountry, but the access from town is so friendly that it is more convenient to do daily trips. Enjoy downhill backcountry skiing and uphill ski mountaineering day by day, and return to a warm and cozy hotel every night during your vacation!