Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Antarctica 2011


Summiting some remote peak in King George Island!

I finally, seated down and sorted out some pictures from trip to Antarctica, pictures says more than anything!!
We left Nov 8th, with 4-6 foot seas across the
Drake Passage
We visited first South Shetlands Islands, where we didnt land as first since was in a total blizzard, then at the end of our journey we came back to ski there with sun!
Compared to Antarctica trip in 2009, weather was more challenging what personally I like it more, as my Slovenians friends said to me once in Patagonia: " grr, is sunny.. Sunny is ok, but bad weather, yes ... adventure!! " I love blizzards!!"

Anyway, we went south all the way to the Anvers Island through one of the most beautiful places on Earth , the Neumeyer Channel, skiing near Mt Franze area and across that area in the continent we skied beautiful peaks surrounded by amazing fiords near Almte Brown Base (Arg)
That area offer endless, endless opportunity for backcountry skiers, sometimes the limitation could be the access , the strong winds and the packed ice where is difficult to transit in the little zodiacs.
Our crossing back through the Drake Passage was amazing and wild, finding big seas of 30 ft , the wildest experience that I had in the ocean!
Huge huge thanks to Doug and Karyn, thanks to First Ascent for support too!
Thanks to the crew on the Clipper, to Laurie and his zodiac crew, to captain Gunner!
... thanks to life! Yahhhhuee!

Skiing the farm!

leopard seal below!